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Alejandro Gari Messone
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Director Logística de DIA


  • MBA Masters in Business Administration Instituto de Empresa Madrid, Spain 1988
  • Bachelor of Science Economics and Business Administration University Complutense Madrid, Spain 1987

Work Experience

  • 1990 SDM.SA Consulting Franchising Company: provided services to clothing suppliers to create chain stores the majority franchising
  • 1991-1992 DIA Spain. Expansion Franchising Department
  • 1992 DIA Spain. Manager of Franchising Department: 100 Franchise Stores opened 1991-1992
  • 1993 DIA Spain. Manager of Franchising Department and Head the Expansion of the New concept of Parking Stores
  • 1994 DIA Spain. Manager of Expansion Department : Urban, Parking Stores and Franchising stores.
  • 1996 Dia Argentina. Manager of Expansion Department : Leader of the Dia Argentina, Inital person to establish the DIA Operation in Argentina. During six years responsible for the Expansion, Operations and Human Resources Department concluding with the Opening of 230 stores, 1,400 Employees,and a 18,000 sqm. Constructed Warehouse
  • 2002 DIA Group Deputy Commercial General Manager: Supervision of Commerial Sourcing of DIA Spain, Development of Private Label and Development of Fresh Products.
  • From the end of 2002, DIA Beijing General Manager: Responsible for whole DIa Beijing Operation, Commercial, Expansion and Financial issues. After 6 years and a half, currently we had opened 126 Dia stores in Beijing, a 15.000 sqm Constructed Warehouse and almost 1500 employees. Back to Spain, in the middle of 2009 I started to study the Russian Market for develop Dia in Russia. We studied 4 regions, Moscow, Saint Petersburg Volga and Oural regions.
  • In 2010 I was appointed Dia Spain Operational Projects Director, focus developing the Dia home delivery service and online project. Currently since 2011, I’m Dia Spain Logistic Director. I report directly to the Dia Spain Operational Director who is member of Dia Spain executive committee. I’m in charge of 18 warehouses plus one central warehouses for low rotation items and transportation. 9 people report to me plus 18 logistic regional managers.


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